vintage bike after restoration

As young teenager I spent my summers finding scrap bikes and refurbishing them. It mainly consisted of dismantling the bike, cleaning parts and giving it a rattle-can paint job of whatever color we had around the house. They were crude but kept me out of trouble.

before and after bike restoration images

bicycle part for restorationLater I was bitten by the “Fixie” bug and began building fixed-gear bikes and going a little deeper. I had the frames sandblasted, I began painting them and assembling with new parts. From there I did more extensive restorations including sourcing vintage parts, decals and developed it into a (very small) small business.

Today our restorations are full fledged, we sandblast and paint in-house, paying attention to the smallest screws and details. It’s not uncommon to spend a week just polishing parts to a better than new shine. If you’re looking to bring back the luster and memories to your beloved childhood bike or have an update to good but tired bike give us a call, we’d love to help!

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