Single Speed-Speed Beach Bike

The Drifter is your passport to fun and casual rides through Southwest Florida’s neighborhoods and islands. The unique Foot Forward pedal placement makes it easy to ride because it allows you to maintain saddle height and place your feet on the ground when seated. As a result, this cruiser offers incredible comfort and stability.

It’s no surprise the Drifter is a cruiser favorite in Florida. Sun Bicycles was born in Miami, where its founders grew up riding around the sun-drenched streets with friends. Inspired by the Miami weather and leisure lifestyle, Sun developed bicycles using colors and shapes that make riding a bike in Florida a truly pleasurable experience.

Sun Bicycles like the Drifter were made for Florida. At the Bike Bistro, we know you’re going to love how they let you feel the warm breezes from the Gulf of Mexico while pedaling easily to visit friends, discover new places and soak up the sun.