Breezer Liberty bicycle rental ft myers florida

Breezer Liberty

This is the perfect all-rounder for your vacation getaway. The Breezer Liberty is designed for comfort with women’s and men’s frame geometries that keep you from being too stretched out. With responsive 24-speed trigger shifting and path tires, the Liberty will be comfortable whether you are striking out over the bridges to tour the beaches or just an easy ride to go shopping. Don’t forget to get a free Lee County Bike Path map while your at The Bike Bistro!


Available Suggested Sizes

WOMEN’S: X-SMALL (40c/15” Frame, 5’ to 5’ 2”) SMALL (44c/17” Frame, 5’ 3″ to 5’ 4”), MEDIUM (48c/18.5” Frame, 5’ 5” to 5’7”), LARGE (52c/20” Frame, 5’8 11” to 5’10″’) XLARGE (56c/22″ +5’10”) Some models and fits may vary.

MEN’S: SMALL (46c/18” Frame, 5’ 3″ to 5’ 5”), MEDIUM (50c/19.5” Frame, 5’ 6” to 5’8”), LARGE (54c/21” Frame, 5’9 11” to 5’10″’) XLARGE (58c/23″ +5’11”)  2XL ( 62c/24″ +6′) Some models and fits may vary.