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Greenspeed Recumbents

Invented in 1990 in Australia by Ian Sims as a two-wheel incumbent bike, the three-wheel “tadpole” version with two front wheels has grown in popularity due to its stability, comfort and accessory options. One of the secrets of the recumbent bike, especially the Magnum, is the seat that was designed by a chiropractor so that it has both proper lumbar and shoulder support. The seat mesh is laced to the frame by shock cord, so not only does the seat conform to your back, it also provides virtual suspension to insulate you from road shock.

Trike frames and seat sizes are available for nearly every body size and shape accommodating someone at 5’ 3” and 100 pounds to a 7-foot, 450 pound rider, with a range of seat angle and height options available with quick release levers. For storage and transport, a GreenSpeed trike can fold to an approximate size of 3 x 2-feet.

Greenspeed also offers trikes to riders who have special riding needs the option of the Hand Magnum trike. This is a trike with all the features of a standard recumbent trike that operates by hand rather than legs, for both off and on road riding enthusiasts. Likewise, the Hand Magnum easily folds for storage and transportation.