Fakahatchee Grind

The Fakahatchee Grind is a ride like no other. What other event routes you through Big Cypress, the Picayune Strand and the Fakahatchee Strand all in one day. You even have the option of camping at the park which normally isn’t allowed. The ride offers three beautiful but challenging courses; an 85 mile “Full Grind”, a 64 mile “Half Grind” and a 45 mile backcountry route. All the routes will test your limits. I’ve done the backcountry and the half grind with the former being better suited to a mountain bike and the latter best on a gravel bike but either bike works for all routes. Just make sure you’re tires are fat enough. This unique event is quickly becoming a must-do ride for hardy souls looking for off-road adventure in south Florida. Thanks to Terry McLaughlin and Patrick “PC” Carlin for the images and write up. Link To Strava,  Copy Of GPX File


Dirty Ride

RAAM For The Record 2018

In 2016 The Bike Bistro and a legion of supporters fueled our four-man “Bean Team” to compete in the Race Across America (RAAM) from Oceanside, CA to Annapolis, MD. This band of amateur cycling brothers came in fourth in their division just behind three professional teams! They rode across the country in six days, 13 hours! Plus, they raised $27,000 for Operation Homefront in support of US Veteran’s and their families.
This year they have begun training to set the record in the 2-Man RAAM, 2018. We’re behind them again – all the way to the finish. Please watch their story and donate at www.gofundme.com/RAAM-2018. For every donation over $50 in the month of July The Bike Bistro will give your bike a FREE Espresso Ride Tune, a $43.95 value. Thank you for your support!