BionX is on a mission to revolutionize the way people move.

… Its award-winning electric drive systems are answering a growing worldwide demand for alternative transportation solutions that enable environmental sustainability and a higher quality of life. It gives you a unique sensation and the freedom to choose how far you wish to ride.

Although BionX e-bike systems were first introduced more than a decade ago as a retrofit product on any bicycle, the systems evolved and made available as standard equipment on complete electric bicycles in 2008. It is intuitive and easy-to-use – adding only a few kilograms to the bicycle, it works seamlessly as you pedal.

The control processor continuously analyzes torque input and feeds that information to the motor, which applies electric assist in proportion to how hard you are pedaling. The harder you pedal, the more torque the system senses, and the more electric assist you get. The power is seamlessly applied and never distracting, so you can just enjoy the ride.

The BionX Lithium batteries offer you the electric boost when you need it, while still giving you all of the exercise benefits of a bicycle. A single lightweight battery charge can provide up to 65 miles of assisted riding and be installed or removed in a matter of seconds, making it convenient to recharge.

The BionX brand has become synonymous with technological innovation and product quality. Today, many leading manufacturers in Europe and North America, including Trek, Matra and Wheeler, offer complete products powered by BionX.